19 March,2018
Doug Frost


BBQ and food – a simple plea


Somewhere there is a decoder ring for food and wine, I know it. That’s what I’ve been told. And then all I have to do is to get the little red arrow to line up with the thin yellow band. Or is it the blue band? Wait, is that band blue or is it purple? These devices are too complicated, all of them. They want me to believe that believing in the same rules they believe in will lead to total predictability in food and wine. But that’s like saying that because I lived in a warm place in the Midwest with fat tomatoes and skinny ranch homes and we drank iced tea you should too. Unsweetened, btw.


But why should wine be predictable against BBQ? The whole point of smoked meats is that there is variance in every bite. This side is sweeter and has more rub or sauce on it. That side is fattier, smokier.  But Q is also the food of abandon. Wine should be as irresponsible; following rules is for weaklings! Those that would hold back when exuberance is the minimum are not to be trusted.


With the specificity of smoked pork ribs as our touchstone, let us imagine the wines. Champagne to start. Why? Because we are starting. Neophytes know this. But you will guess that a Rose Champagne is my recommendation but no! No. No! Rose would be fine, okay, I admit it, but listen. Smoked pork ribs. Sizzle. Sizzle. That is fat out there snapping and popping like Krackle was being roasted on a spit.


The sound is as important as the sizzle. You see? It’s not any one thing that matters in food and wine; it’s a little bit of everything. Put good ingredients together and good flavors happen. With BBQ, abandon your preconceptions and simply drink things that are delicious. At least that act like you’re having a party and drink what’s in front of you.


Image credit: tbrnewsmedia.com