Why Asian Palate?



With a combined 100 years of restaurant and wine consultancy experience among the four consultants, we offer unparalleled depth of expertise. We have worked with a wide range of companies, from multinational hotel and restaurant groups, to boutique, niche restaurants and wine bars that simply want a unique, curated beverage program that best suits their needs and enhances customer experience. As Masters of Wine, we understand the importance of variety, balance and appropriateness of each wine and beverage chosen – we firmly believe that it needs to reflect and complement the venue’s unique philosophy, brand image and cuisine. Here are some of the reasons why we believe we are uniquely positioned to enhance, improve and maximize your beverage program:


• Access to the world’s most experienced consultants who are all Masters of Wine and/or Master Sommeliers

• Access to the best wines, wineries and beverage brands to create the most appropriate, ideal wine & beverage program

• Unparalleled experience in Asia, USA and Europe working with a wide range of F&B companies

• Enhance credibility and brand image by working with the best in the business


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Our Services

We listen, assess your goals, needs and constraints to create the best wine and beverage program that is most appropriate for your company. A wine and beverage list is dynamic and should reflect the changing seasons, menu, tastes and company’s image; thus we prefer to work on a long-term basis so that we can assess and help execute the program.


Our packages range from a one-day assessment as a preliminary introduction to what we can offer, to long-term arrangements that allows us to continually enhance, improve and maintain a dynamic program. Throughout the process, we keep in mind that the program must reflect the changing seasons, the menu, the evolving clientele and beverage trends. We go beyond the obvious options and bring you rare, special or limited edition bottles from popular as well as obscure regions from around the world. We understand the balance between having the classics as well as special wines and beverages that may be lesser known but are exciting and unique that ultimately contribute to a complete, thoughtful beverage list.

Recommended programs are not complete without a 360-degree perspective on how to implement the program. Thus, we offer advice on wine and beverage events, promotions, marketing and sales material and clear message as well as training for your staff.

Mission Statement



We adhere to the strict ethical and professional standards outlined by both the Institute of the Masters of Wine (www.mastersofwine.org) and the International Guild of Master Sommeliers (www.internationalsommelier.com). We firmly believe in using our combined experience and access to the world’s best wines and beverages to create the most appropriate, dynamic and exciting beverage program to enhance customer experience, improve a company’s image and maximize profits.

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