Fine Wine Tips

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Auction expert advises 2011 will focus on ’09 Burgundy

Published on 20 June 2010
After 10 years at Christie's, David Wainwright took his auction expertise into his own hands and developed a wine consultancy business. Also a Senior International Advisor for Zachys, David answered our questions about the international auction market. AP: ... read more

Tasting versus drinking wine

Published on 5 May 2010
On a regular basis, we enjoy and drink wine. However, to evaluate your wine beyond the dinner table, it is important to taste in the right conditions and follow a systematic tasting format. The opportunity to taste wine in Beijing, Shanghai or in any of the ma... read more

Jeannie’s step-by-step guide to wine tasting

Published on 5 May 2010
1.Preparation Prepare a tasting room free from outside or food smells Natural lighting is optimal or good, bright white light White tables or sheets to assess wine colour Taster should have a clean palate unaffected by cigarettes or food No perfume or... read more

Jeannie’s Top Five Serving Tips

Published on 5 May 2010
Perhaps your colleagues back from Bordeaux are coming over for dinner, or your in-laws decide to turn up without warning. Follow these simple tips to ensure your dinner or party goes off without a hitch. 1. Preparing to serve: -Be Prepared! -Remove the bottl... read more

Why Decant?

Published on 5 May 2010
There are many reasons to decant wine. Sure, decanters look appealing and may dazzle your guests, but they also have many practical functions. Decanters remove the heavy deposit precipitated during the bottle maturation process. This natural clarification te... read more

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