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Nuovo Modern Italian

Published on 29 August 2014
La Foresta – a 10 Corso Como dessert served at Sabatini Ristorante Italiano Hong Kong’s love affair with Italian cuisine is steeped in decades of fine restaurants. Mainland China, with fresher interest, has become home in the past decade to a handful of wel... read more

Interview with chef Bombana of 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo

Published on 26 February 2013
Umberto Bombana, Chef & owner of the only Michelin three-starred Italian restaurant outside Italy, 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana, Hong Kong & Shanghai shares his passion in truffle and his special truffle dish pair with Champagne. Why did you... read more

ChômChôm: Interview with Chef Peter Franklin

Published on 29 January 2013
Private kitchens have been a firm fixture in Hong Kong for many years. Their exclusivity and the dedication of private chefs have beguiled local palates for decades. A plethora of different cuisines are now being explored, focusing on bringing a mo... read more

Interview with Chef Murata of Kikunoi

Published on 10 April 2012
  “Kuriya Sen,” says Yoshihiro Murata. At a low table in the tatami-mat tea room, he writes two kanji characters 厨仙 and then looks up expectantly, rather pleased with the clever pun. He smiles. Murata, one of Japan’s most highly revered and a... read more

Dining in Qingdao: Interview with Marc Cibrowius

Published on 29 February 2012
In our continued investigation of the food and dining culture in Qingdao, Asian Palate (AP) had a pleasant chat with Marc Cibrowius (MC), the executive chef of Shangri-La Hotel Qingdao. Chef Cibrowius understands many of the nuances of local cuisin... read more

The Food of Champignons: Interview with Winnie Wong

Published on 28 September 2011
Of all the most luxurious foods of the world, it is astonishing how valued and how deliciously versatile the mushroom can be.  Of the fungi family subdivision of Basidiomycotina, of the class Hymenomycetes, this humble variety has been lauded since... read more

An interview with Sun Tong Lok’s chef

Published on 24 March 2011
Gaining a Michelin star is no mean feat, but Joe Chan has managed to secure three stars in his stand-alone Chinese restaurant, Sun Tong Lok. Chan recently held a Champagne pairing dinner with G.H. Mumm, and shared his vision of modern Cantonese cui... read more

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