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Best of British Clash in Hong Kong

Published on 23 September 2014
There has been a real focus on Cool Britannia in the Hong Kong restaurant scene of late. And the second of two UK celebrity chefs with arguably the largest mass recognition opened shop last week. In July, Jamie Oliver made his Hong Kong entrance with Jamie’... read more

Subtle Twists on Tradition

Published on 7 August 2014
Tea and cake; two words often found in the same sentence in many countries. Here in Hong Kong, pastry chefs have approached the culinary centerpiece of the annual Mid-Autumn Festival with contemporary twists for some years. Traditionally, sweet lotus-seed pa... read more

The Fine Art of Dining

Published on 8 July 2014
With Hong Kong currently considered the epicentre of fine art in Asia, and long deemed one of the world’s top culinary destinations, it was only a matter of time before these two entities intertwined. A recent phenomenon has emerged since the second quarter... read more

Romantic Dinners In Hong Kong

Published on 13 February 2014
Now that the decorations for Chinese New Year are down, the city is preparing for the most romantic festival of the year: Valentine's Day. Some couples may choose to keep it low-key and believe that everyday can be Valentine’s Day as long as you get to be wi... read more

Discover Mexican Flavors In Hong Kong

Published on 21 January 2014
By Jeannie Cho Lee MW Spanish restaurants have taken Hong Kong by storm in recent years. Restaurants like Catalunya and 22 Ships have created interest and broadened the popularity for Spanish cuisine. However, great Mexican restaurants, despite their popula... read more

Recommended Hot Pot Restaurants In Hong Kong

Published on 24 December 2013
Hong Kong winters are relatively mild without much wind, heavy rain, hail or snow. But our skyscrapers light up with festive lights and the city is aglow in neon and bright green and red Christmas lights. While temperatures may not often go below 10 degrees ... read more

Big Bowl Feasts

Published on 14 November 2013
Poon Choi (aka "Big Bowl Feast") is a traditional hotpot dish derived from Yuen Long village in Hong Kong. It is often found on the tables of New Territories’ inhabitants especially during weddings, worships, housewarmings and other festivals. According to ... read more

Back By Popular Demand: Sauternes Moon Cakes

Published on 29 August 2013
Last year, Kowloon Shangri-la introduced the Sauternes Custard Mini Moon Cakes, which were hugely successful. They are being brought back by popular demand this year and will come in a custom-made limited-edition flower-shaped porcelain box. These Sauternes... read more

Getting to Know Xian Cuisine

Published on 15 August 2013
Xian, known as the Eternal City and called Chang'an in ancient times, is one of the world's four ancient capitals.  Once you step into Xian, you can immediately observe the cultures and stories that were left behind by the different dynasties. The long stret... read more

Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival!

Published on 10 June 2013
Date: 2013 Dragon Boat Festival falls on Wednesday, June 12. This year’s Dragon Boat Festival falls on June 12th, the 5th day of the 5th month according to Chinese lunar calendar. This festival has been held annually for more than 2,000 years and commemorat... read more

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