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Asian Palate, founded by Jeannie Cho Lee MW, is a site that celebrates authentic Asian cuisine and wine together. Asian Palate aims to lead intelligent and insightful discussions about food and wine in Asia by providing forward-thinking news and commentary, as well as a platform for others to engage, share and respond. Our goals at Asian Palate are two-fold:

  • To democratise the appreciation of wine in Asia
  • To elevate the appreciation of authentic Asian cuisine worldwide

We rely on our expert panel of sommeliers, chefs, wine researchers, commentators and food scientists, among many others, to keep us attuned to the newest trends in the evolving world of Asian food and wine. With your constant feedback and participation, Asian Palate aspires to grow into a vibrant community where like-minded aficionados gather to connect with each other to share insights, thoughts and the enjoyment of Asian food and wine.

Asian Palate is also a niche player in the regional PR and event consultancy industry specialising in wine, F&B and hospitality sectors. Asian Palate has strong capabilities in executing successful regional PR and event campaigns including an Asian cuisine and wine pairing tour in over ten Asian cities. We have worked on numerous multi-city events with the Hyatt International Group, the Shangri-la Group and the Peninsula Hotel Group. We specialise in multi-city educational masterclasses, guided and walk-around tastings, and food and wine pairing events.

For more information about Asian Palate, take a look at our corporate brochure, and for further interest in Jeannie’s award-winning books, click here for Asian Palate and Mastering Wine For the Asian Palate.

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